It’s all about the acoustics!

Open-plan collaborative, connected workplace design make huge demands on your workers.

Getting the acoustics right improves worker concentration, productivity, privacy and morale.

Getting the acoustics right makes your business better.

45dB Systems design acoustics specifically for your business to reduce interruption, increase speech privacy and wellbeing for a happier, more engaged workforce.

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Adaptive Sound Masking


45dB Systems are exclusive distributors the world’s leading Smart SMS adaptive sound masking system. Adaptive soundmasking listens to your workplace and delivers ambient sound at optimal levels 24/7


Automatic Narrow Band Calibration | Realtime Adaptive Adjustment | Multi-zoning | Paging | Music or other sounds


Automatic narrow band calibration

SoftdB’s automatic calibration provides extreme accuracy in 1 minute. Every zone is calibrated to exactly the right volume level across 340 narrow bands ensuring speech frequencies are covered perfectly and comfortably to the ear.

Realtime Adaptive adjustment

In open-plan office or ward space audible activity is unpredictable and therefore sound masking cannot be static. At busier times of the day the masking must be louder to protect those not involved. At quieter times the masking level should reduce to more comfortable yet still effective levels.

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Multi zonal

Different areas in a workplace require different levels of sound. Open-plan space vs cellular in offices. Nurse stations vs wards in hospitals and bedrooms vs corridors in hotels. Each must separated and zoned for its particular purpose. SoftdB’s system provides multiple zones large and small for precise calibration.


Biophilic sounds, music or any other sounds can be introduced to any given zone. Breakout, relaxation or cafe can be greatly enhanced improving mood and reducing stress.