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C = Cover


Also known as sound masking, cover is background or ambient sound. 45dB are experts in sound masking. Having completed numerous projects across all sectors including Commercial Office, Education, Healthcare and Leisure sectors , we know what we’re doing. 45dB Systems have provided state of the art sound masking systems to most of Australia’s great buildings.

Sound masking manages ambient sound levels using a network of hidden or exposed speakers throughout the workspace which create a familiar (but unobtrusive) sound similar to air conditioning.


Productivity: simply put, if your workplace is too quiet your workers will hear too much. Not so much the sound, but the detail of conversations. Humans can’t ignore words if they are audible, and concentration on what they are trying to do is lost. Constant interruption throughout the day has a dramatic impact on productivity.

Increasing ambient sound levels to where they should be according to the Australian Standard (AS2107) reduces interruption by others and productivity is optimised.

Privacy: Offices and meeting rooms, open wards and ICUs hotel bedrooms, need privacy for concentration, confidentiality and sleep!

If ambient sound levels are low, office partitioning performance is impaired and room to room privacy fails. In hospitals interruption from equipment and ward staff interrupt good quality sleep and recovery is impaired. In hotels sleep is interrupted by late arrivals or street sound.

Increasing ambient sound improves partition wall performance for increased privacy. Sleep interruptions are reduced to aid recovery in hospitals and a great night rest enjoyed in hotel rooms..

Comfort and morale:

In office space, quietness increases inhibition as you are aware that everyone is listening to your conversation. Robust business activity is suppressed and communication in open-plan offices is impacted.

Optimising ambient sound creates relaxed, uninhibited activity allowing workers to go about their work with confidence.


Automatic narrow band calibration

SoftdB’s automatic calibration provides extreme accuracy in 1 minute. Every zone is calibrated to exactly the right volume level across 340 narrow bands ensuring speech frequencies are covered perfectly and comfortably to the ear.

Realtime Adaptive adjustment

In open-plan office or ward space audible activity is unpredictable and therefore sound masking cannot be static. At busier times of the day the masking must be louder to protect those not involved. At quieter times the masking level should reduce to more comfortable yet still effective levels.

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Multi zonal

Different areas in a workplace require different levels of sound. Open-plan space vs cellular in offices. Nurse stations vs wards in hospitals and bedrooms vs corridors in hotels. Each must separated and zoned for its particular purpose. SoftdB’s system provides multiple zones large and small for precise calibration.