What is Adaptive Sound Masking?


White Noise? Pink Noise? Sound Masking? Sound Conditioning? What's it all about?

They are all different 'shapes' of sound used to manage ambient or background sound. Ambient sound is the sound which is in a building space 100% of the time like air conditioning or external traffic sound.

By controlling the level of ambient sound in the workplace we are able to increase worker Productivity by reducing the frequency of interruption by hearing unwanted conversations. Increased Privacy for those concentrating on individual tasks and increased performance of partitioned cellular meeting rooms and offices. Acoustic Comfort is increased when workers feel free to talk on the phone or to colleagues without self-consciousness of being overheard by their co-workers. This creates a more vibrant workplace where robust business conversation flows freely.

The technology used has been around since the 50's from basic white noise (fairly unpleasant hissing sound!) through pink (more pleasant) to today's finely calibrated sound masking systems. The latest evolution from world leader SoftdB is Adaptive Sound Masking (aka Sound Conditioning) which not only delivers the right shape of sound to very specific zones of space but also at constantly adjusted volumes levels in line with activity in the open-plan. Read the white paper here  

45dB Systems are exclusive distributors, designers, installers and project managers for the patented SoftdB Adaptive Sound Masking system for Australia and New Zealand.