Introducing the new Compact Masking System (CMS II) from SoftdB


Here a great quick fix for those smaller speech privacy problems.

Hearing your colleagues’ conversations through the wall in your office and concerned they’ll hear yours?

Concerned about people overhearing meeting room conversation in the corridor outside?

Set up a team area and want to protect others from the intrusion?

You are not alone. We fix these issues regularly and now have the perfect mini masking system for the job.

Quick and Easy to install, the CMS has built in user interface to raise and lower masking sound for instant privacy all or just some of the time.

CMS Provides:

Touch Screen on a versatile enclosure for desk/wall or flush mounting
2 Zones of up to 6 speakers per zone.
Each zone provides individual: Volume adjustment, Bass/Treble adjustment, 12 preset sound spectra to suit your environment.

Adjustable ramp up period
Music/paging input
Emergency mute relay
2 level passcode locking.

BUY HERE and install yourself or we can arrange.