Sound conditioning saves time and money for ANU

ANU Mathematical Sciences Institute

Using sound conditioning not only manages speech privacy which decreases distraction between workers in open-plan it also allows acoustic consultants to re-imagine standard fit-out methods for cellular space.

If there is no control over ambient sound in given workspace, modelling and educated guesswork have to be relied upon to determine what level of ambient sound will be provided by external sources (traffic etc) and construction sources (plant, air conditioning etc). In light of the unpredicability of these elements, in order to guarantee a partition wall will provide adequate privacy it must be built to 'catch all' of those possibilities and must be built slab to slab to a high standard.

Our sound conditioning systems 'lock-in' ambient sound to any spectrum (to mask speech frequencies) and to a decibel level required by the Australian Standard AS2107.

By doing this, progressive acoustic consultants WSP, were able to specify the partioning on this project for ANU from the floor to the suspended ceiling only negating the need to build above the suspended ceiling into the plenum. This was not only a significant saving on the build cost but also a made for a much quicker fit-out.

45dB Systems can solve your acoustic issues and save you money too.

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