Acoustic Absorption

Acoustic Absorption is required to correct reverberation of sound or echo. Without absorption, sound has nowhere to go reverberates around the space. As one person speaks, their speech stays in the space for longer and as someone else speaks they must speak louder to be heard over that reverberating sound. In most cafes and restaurants and especially bars, visitors compete to be heard and the sound level can quickly reach ridiculous levels. In office space, the hollow echo of some modern interiors is similar to working in a factory and stress level increase.

Acoustic absorption comes in many forms:

Ceiling fabric panels.jpg

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are the most common product used to control reverberation. In modern minimal office space, cafes, restaurants and bars, acoustic panels play an essential part in preventing the build up of sound.


Acoustic Ceiling grids

Traditional acoustic ceiling used mainly in office space may be out of fashion but they do a fantastic job both correcting reverberation and hiding unsightly services. Covering a large area, reverberation throughout entire office space is corrected.


AcousTic Baffles

When suspended ceilings are not used, acoustic absorption is still required to control reverberation. Acoustic baffles maximise sound absorbing surface area usually been suspended vertically from the soffit. As such, they can be used to control reverberation in areas with large volume such as office or shopping centre atria.